Holidays 2019

As the Holiday Season approaches, we would be happy to host your Holiday Events! We have our hall with 100 person capacity so you can gather all of your friends and family in one spot with parking and plenty of room to socialize.  Located in Berkley, we are easy to get to and centrally located. Give us a call at 248-541-9222 for pricing and to reserve your event date.

Independence Day 2018

As July 4th approaches, America starts to prepare for her 242nd birthday party. We want to especially remember that this birthday party was bought and paid for by brave men and women who served, fought and died for an ideal. That we can live in freedom. Is it perfect? No, but it is still here and still a shining beacon on a hill. We have Memorial Day to remember those who died to provide this freedom, Veterans Day to honor all who serve. Independence Day is and should be a day of celebration. Happy Birthday, America!